Sessions Overview

Safetech Summit will cover a variety of topics during the conference broken up into dedicated sesions explained below.

Advanced Materials

From fighting global pandemics to supply chain distrubtion, there are needs for new materials to help meet our needs for personnel safety, access to commonly used tools and replacement parts at each department and every deployment.

Unmanned Platforms

Unmanned Platforms are now the present. Drones, cars, delivery systems and expeditionary tools have become a part of reality. What are the needs you have for unmanned platforms and how can you grow your department/bases use of unmanned platforms.

Training Tech

Training Technology is the only means for true adoption and integration of new technology into methods and practices. In some cases, standard bodies and boards can often slow down the adoption of technology by dragging out the training requirements. What are your training needs today and what are your needs for tomorrow?

Wearable & Tactical Tech

Wearable and Tactical needs can vary greatly based on the incident, deployment, or mission. IoT, Internet of Battlefield, integration with unmanned platforms, interoperability with mutual aid or other units are critical for adopting these new technologies. We need to hear from the end-users and their needs for wearable and tactical technology needs.

Safe & Secure City

Safe and Secure Cities is our spin on SMART Cities, SMART Bases that allows us to be specific in the applications and outcomes. Gunshot detection, traffic management, unmanned platform management, community and visitor engagements are all being enhanced through new connect Internet of Things sensors. What needs and applications do you have?